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My name is Maria Cristina Migliore...

... and I'm a sociologist. I work as a researcher at one of the oldest Regional Institutes of Economic and Social Research in Europe (curriculum vitae). I developed an interest in what has become my current field of research starting from compared demographic territorial analyses based on a multi-disciplinary approach. Some years ago, following the trends of an ageing population, of the parallel transformations of the economy, and the social characteristics of the region where my institute is based, I began to study technological innovation and workplace learning in the case of older workers.
I'm interested in qualitative methods, and I have taught Statistics at the Faculty of Education in the University of Turin for many years. I recently published a textbook on data analysis for social investigation, with a strong emphasis on the need for theories to guide it (Franco Angeli - in Italian).
I am engaged in a cultural association of women where I am playing my part to support and promote women's autonomy of thinking and practices.
I relax with yoga. I love tango, even if I did not devote much time to it lately. 
I prefer to ride a bicycle rather than drive the car. I enjoy the feeling of freedom that riding a bicycle gives me.
I like good food and wine. 

You may find me on Facebook.